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Who we are

Our company active in this sector for over 25 years, through careful and precise organization of work is proposed, as a mission, to enhance the used vehicles / Damaged by first rendering them harmless from the environmental point of view - by operating on them a number technical interventions such as to avoid any and all sources of pollution and environmental hazards - and then obtaining a plurality of used oem parts, thoroughly checked, ready to be put on the market at the best prices.

The company continues to grow, thanks to the organization, order, punctuality and awareness of the increasing value, also social, of 'Autorecycling, can guarantee its customers (car dealers, body shops, mechanical workshops and private) as well to a wide range of products, the promptness in responding to a proven system of home delivery, to the definitely attractive prices, also the availability of a staff live up to advise and answer all queries quickly and unequivocally.


  • PURCHASE damaged vehicles (with relative radiation and transport practice)

Our Force is being intimately convinced that a better future passes by recycling and saving!


Megliadino San Vitale (PD) 35040
Via industria 2
TEL. 0429888832
MAIL. [email protected]